A collaborative space for citizen science, diybio, contemporary art and maker culture.

Part of Science in the City during ESOF2014.


The aim is to show how maker and citizen science culture can contribute to knowledge building and knowledge sharing in society.


The vision is to create a  space where individuals from academia, industry and the civil society through playful tinkering can collaborate and inspire each other, and demonstrate new practices for research collaboration, open hardware development and open entrepreneurship.



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Science Drops

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Meet-ups and Social evening


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At the heart of the Kopenlab festival are the hands-on workshops, where you can get your hands “dirty” with art, technology and science.  We invite people to experience and get new science insights, by  exploring the intersection of art-tech, maker, open source cultures and science, through playful tinkering.  The starting point here is the practical doing and know-how – not a  textbook. Workshops will be led by artists, makers & citizen scientists that are eager to share their techniques, tips and tricks.

A part from the scheduled workshops, we invite everyone keep their eyes out for spontaneous drop-in workshop sessions, and we also encourage users to use the infrastructure to do improvised peer-learning and maker evenings.

Science Drops

A Science Drop is not really about hiphop. It’s about sharing drops of wisdom that might create ripples in society. Science Drops are 1 hour interactive seminars with an emphasis on audience involvement.  The objective is to start discussions about how open source and citizen science can affect society at large. The themes will take their concrete starting point in other Kopenlab Festival activities and use them to illustrate specific implications to citizen science.

Speakers introduce the topic of the Science Drop, and pose fundamental questions to the audience focusing on the political, ethical and practical aspects. The audience are invited to discuss in small groups and towards the end of the session, each group share a main point/question with the speakers and the other groups.

Science Drop topics range from “Openness and Profitability?”, and “Unlocking India” to “The Messy Practice of Collaboration”. Come and get inspired by the speaker’s personal experience, reflect on the subject, and expand your network.

Exhibition: “Please Try This at Home”

In the Kopenlab Festival exhibition, copying is not stealing!

The exhibition “Please Try This at Home” is an open invitation to explore the interdisciplinary universe where art, science and technology cross-fertilize and form a creative environment for development of new ideas, experiments and inventions.

We believe knowledge should be accessible to everyone and therefore the focus is on hacks, artworks, and artifacts that are all open for the audience to re-enact, copy and develop further – the audience are not consumers, but active contributors and co-creators in the development of new knowledge and know-how.

The exhibition shows works from around the world and from various communities, artists, researchers etc. For instance you can experience how open hardware such as the prototyping platform Arduino or the 3D printer RepRap has affected our creative processes and the way we invent, produce and design new objects. And you can experience how international artists work with the audience in a co-creating process developing for instance new solar powered robots, new ways of working with setting up street lights in the city and developing new biological signals and biomechanics.

Understanding human/machine interaction in the digital age is of critical importance therefore we are aiming to create a new setting for knowledge sharing, dialogue and development within the public sphere, between citizens, universities, industries and beyond.  Everything shown  is meant to be tried and further investigated at home, so please participate and continue the experiments.



The Kopenlab Festival is a multifaceted experience. To give you an overview, we offer guided tours of the festival space, which will also work as short introductions to the concept of citizen science. The space includes workshop and laboratory spaces, an exhibition space, a space for “Science Drop” seminars and an ‘after-conference’ bar and lounge.

As visitor, you can explore homemade lab equipment, have hands-on experiences with home-made fermentors, 3D printers, electronic lab equipment, etc. Kopenlab is where you can learn from and engage with the people who build and employ those tools to explore and pursue their own scientific and technological visions.


Meet-Ups and Social Evenings

The civil society undergrowth is teeming with activity!
- Especially when it comes to the open source and citizen science movements. Numerous organizations and groups are occupied with opening up technology and science, each in their own way. At ESOF 2014, Kopenlab Festival will be the place to meet them. The Meet-Ups at Kopenlab are the unofficial after-hours hang-out event of ESOF and Science in the City. We intend to provide a melting pot for ESOF participants, the citizen science community and the general public to come together and interact in an informal environment. Groups and organizations are encouraged to schedule their own internal meetups in our space as well.

Each evening, there will be various themes drawn from Science Drops and scheduled meet-ups, such as: “DIYbiology & BioArt”, “Open Source Hardware & Open Design”, “ Open Knowledge Denmark” etc.  Come by,  network, socialize, and share ideas as a DJs spins music into the night. See the Kopenlab website for planned & scheduled events and meetups.


A pop-up makerspace

Join us transforming the old Carlsberg into a vibrant popup maker, diybio and art space.


The Old Storage Building
Thorvald Bindesbølls Plads
The nearest address is:
Ny Carlsberg vej 130,
2000 Frederiksberg
Carlsberg City area - Copenhagen